India Press Release Distribution Services, A Viable Solution for Small and Medium Enterprises to Connect

Indian media is developing rapidly. The advent of the Internet and latest technology has brought a huge revolution to the Indian media industry. Upheld by the developing economy, India has witnessed the boom of big print publications and TV channels in the past ten years. Advertising has accordingly developed as a vital part in any organization’s movement with regards to illuminating people about news associated with their brand. However, Press release distribution in India is easy for a giant organization. Due to the different factor, several small and medium level organizations have found it challenging in publishing their news to TV channels, newspapers, or trade magazines.

India PR Distribution is a new age start-up established in November 2017, with a group of 10 people, situated in Gurgaon. So far India PR Distribution has effectively served around 70+ customers including Startups, Educational Institutions, and independent ventures.

India PR Distribution came up with an effective solution for the issue by presenting the economical choice for press release distribution services. It is said to be India’s first official distribution service that sends the official corporate statement to Indian journalists and publications such as TV, Newspaper, Radio, and others. Journalists can straightforwardly contact news sources. The news is disseminated to online portals, bloggers and reporters. The startup is additionally serving numerous organizations in enhancing their PR campaign and marketing.

India PR Distribution deliberately vets each Press Release submitted on its site and checks if the news is valid and resourceful and the topic is suitable for publishing it on the national newspapers or media channels. The news is then sent to the specific journalists of the industry and publications. Hence, India PR Distribution acts as a bridge between the media house and the news source.