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Media exposure is important for visibility and exposure to the right audience. Press Release Distribution in India can be economical if you choose the right platforms to reach out to the media. For a Press Release distribution India, you would need to follow a few simple steps and voila, you could end up getting up to a hundred exposures on online media. Press Release Distribution in India gets you exposure on media websites online. So, comparing it to a PR agency who might charge thousands for a monthly engagement for Public relations, the Press release distribution India is fairly easy and on engagement basis. So, if you want to make an announcement, you give that to us and via trusted platforms, we distribute these to the media, who get their hands on a ready story complete with media like video and pictures and a media contact, and thus they are able to immediately publish this on their online media platform, thus giving you almost permanent visibility online, which is useful for Search Engine optimization and can be used as links on your website and social media to showcase your exposure on media to the world.
Whether you are a start-up, a small or medium business or a Large Corporate, positive PR can definitely help you garner eyes and ears and prove to be an amazing way to gain credibility on your profile or a particular service you may be offering. India PR distribution is a key service we offer to you beyond the intuitive Digital Marketing solutions on offer. If you are looking to spread awareness about yourself, what better than Online Distribution of Press Release on Media websites.


Whether investors viewing your profile online or new customers who view and learn more about you via media coverage of Press Releases, you are definitely gaining the big edge via an online distribution of Press Release announcements. What you stand to gain is the following: Typically a Press Release will get you 30-70 coverage on online media, many of them are very reputed. This means you get those links that are indexed for Search engines and leave a great online footprint of your brand and amazing visibility when your potential target audience search online for you. Your SEO gets a great boost and your website visitors get valuable juice from popular high ranking web pages. You can populate these online media links on your Website, hence gaining credibility from your website visitors. Your investors might be online reading news sites for investment opportunities, so you may actually hear from them. Even otherwise, when you pitch to them, you can showcase the media coverage for your Press Release. You can display the online links generated via Social media to your audiences.


Whether you have multiple announcements to make or one off the engagement, you definitely gain from this Press Release Distribution. What you stand to gain is the following: Typically a Public Relations company may be expensive for a project engagement and rarely eng+. You pay-per-use. You pay a meagre amount for Press Release distribution India services. You are consistently in the news sending out announcements and increasing your online footprint.

We, at Conceptualise, offer valuable Press Release distribution with 24 -72-hour reporting pattern on links generated on online media. Come, be seen and increase your Positive Digital Quotient.

The Press Release distribution process we follow is simple: You contact us for a Press Release. We help you draft and edit the Press Release. The Press Release is ready with Text, Picture and Video. The final Press release is reviewed and acknowledged by you. The Press Release goes for distribution. The online coverage typically averages from 30-70 online media houses. Our media monitoring team helps look for your mentions of the release. The first report reaches within 48 hours of the Release and the final one in approximately 96 hours of release. You get the value and visibility. Your return on investment is multiple-fold, based on the value of visibility on Media channels covering your news announcement.

Come, experience and walk away with great online traction for your news and be seen by your stakeholders online every time. As a digital marketing services company, we help advise how you can redistribute your media coverage via social media (SMO services) and other platforms online. As an SEO services firm, we know the importance of good backlinks and help you understand how a good Press Release can add so much value to your SEO rankings via permanent media website links. Come, experience great SEO and SMO results via a Press Release Distribution India firm.

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    Online media visibility – certain numbers are guaranteed based on the release content. It is much cheaper than traditional Public Relations, you get the message across as desired & You can use these media links on your website and social media for a showcase of credibility. You only pay per release, and not monthly as most PR companies ask for. The online links are almost permanent as most media sites wont remove them. It helps in your Search Engine Optimisation.


    Give us the release with a picture and video link and we will release it + logo + Contact details. Our content team works on the Press Release for edits & suggestions. We can help you with picture graphics and explainer video. We use our trusted Press Release platform to send this out to the media. Within 24 hours you will get the exposure report. Minimum guarantee of certain online media exposure. We can help with social media exposure after the release.


    You give us the basic bullet point for the content + pic + video link + logo + contact details. We create the Press release and get your approval. Our content team works on the Press Release for edits/ suggestions after your inputs. We can help you with picture graphics and explainer video. We use our trusted Press Release platform to send this out to the media. Within 24 hours you will get the exposure report. Minimum guarantee of certain online media exposure. We can help with social media exposure after the release.

    What is Press Release Distribution?

    Press Release distribution online is a great way to get your presence and visibility for your brand on media websites. A press release distribution format is primarily used by Corporate and NGOs and even Government organizations to announce something or provide news for publishing online.

    How does Press Release distribution work?

    Press Release Distribution is a simple process of creating and distributing a Press Release to ensure visibility on online media. A readymade Press Release, including content, pictures and video links is readymade release apt for a journalist or publishing house to portray on their online platform.<br>Once you send your Press Release, it is then distributed via RS feeds to a range of media houses in the network, allowing them to publish the same after a quick review. This fills content for their websites and allows you to get online visibility at a fraction of the cost of regular PR.

    Can you guarantee to publish in known media?

    Yes, we may, and no we always may not be able to say Yes! Based on experience we can more or less guarantee minimum distribution and visibility. But a specific media house targeting may or may not happen, and is largely based on how newsworthy the content is for placement. An average Press Release content may garner 30+ publishes while a better one may cross 100+ platforms.

    How is this Cheaper compared to traditional PR?

    Traditional PR processes are aimed to reach specific columns or media houses and may take months for the process to be completed based on relationships with media houses and journalists. Online Press Release Distribution is a pay-per-release model and hence is way cheaper than traditional PR coverage, allowing you to get 30-100+ coverage for your announcement at a fraction of a cost, maybe as low as Rs 15000 plus taxes.

    Should I write the release myself?

    The factors to consider here are many-fold. If you are a good storyteller and have a business acumen to writing, give it a shot! You will still require a PR distribution firm to get access to journalists. A professionally written release will always garner more eyeballs, get more coverage. So saving small bucks and compromising on coverage may not be a good idea!

    What does a Press Release include?

    A Press Release needs to include certain elements and has a particular format that allows for a better read and distribution. Some of these elements include:

    1. A short, engaging heading allows the readers to hook on to the release and get you better coverage and viewership online.
    2. A subheading is something you may not fit into a Heading, but you would like to highlight certain terminology.
    3. A Dateline allows users to know when and where the Release came from and recent timeline also allows for a better cover. Old or stale news may not be as newsworthy.
    4. An Introduction of what a user can expect in the details is a great idea.
    5. The Body of your announcement consists of details of the concept, news, services, trends or the announcement. Use between 500 to 800 words for the body.
    6. A Boiler Plate allows you to mention the body/ individual who is releasing the PR.
    7. Media Contact allows showcasing of the representative authorized to work with Media and be able to answer questions when contacted.
    8. Social Links allow you to portray your social media presence and the links thereof.
    9. Pictures and Videos hold key as the magic is in the visuals.

    All the element inclusions ensure your PR is worthy of better online coverage and garner more views. Ensure you include the above in your online press release distribution.

    How is online press release distribution helpful for Search Engine Optimization?

    An online press release gets covered by various media sites that have a good domain authority, which Google considers when checking on “votes of referrals” for a particular service or keyword. Having the right keywords allow you to rank on them especially because they are covered by Permanent links coming from authoritative websites.

    How do I amplify my reach on Press Release distribution?

    Use Social media to say how the media covered your story. Nothing sells like success! Let your target audiences know that and they would rank your credibility higher!

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