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We provide SMS marketing services across India. We have targeted data and don’t just act as a bulk SMS provider. Our SMS marketing has a range of data including HNI, mass consumers, NRI, export houses, car owners, active spenders, higher profiles on telecom services and much more. Our delivery ratios are among the best in the business of SMS marketing in India. The ratios average around 90 percent. We conduct SMS campaigns within the regulations of TRAI through our trusted resellers and ensure you are not cheated.

Our reports are detailed and structured and help you understand your customers and also get you business.

What is SMS Marketing?

MS marketing is a way to send your offerings to your potential audience via text messages and help generate visibility and leads to grow your revenue.

Can I do SMS marketing myself?

SMS marketing needs complex platforms and data. You would need professional help to activate SMS marketing.

Is SMS marketing really effective?

Yes, SMS marketing is effective. The effectiveness depends on the content and offering and whether you are able to reach the desired audience at the right time.

Do my SMSs reach the primary inboxes or are they marked as spam?

SMS would reach the inbox, for sure. Unless the consumer marks the number as a blacklist, 99% SMS reach inboxes as long as the data is effective.

Why do I need an SMS marketing agency?

SMS agency will help get you the right platform for SMSs and help you with the right content. An effective and experienced company ensures the right data is reached out to, and makes your campaign more effective.

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