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I Need a local SEO Company in Gurgaon or Delhi NCR, how can Conceptualise help?

Conceptualise is one among the best Search Engine Optimization companies in Delhi NCR. Based in Gurgaon, Conceptualise provides SEO services to 16 countries in 8 different languages and provides a intuitive approach to SEO, helping brands understand what it takes to rank on Google or other Search Engines. As a SEO company in Gurgaon, we are not limited to Delhi NCR alone, but our presence here gives you the physical presence to reach us if you like to.

What if I do not achieve the ranks on Google?

Google updates algorithms for searches on a regular basis and hence it is important we update your website accordingly. BE it providing content for your website based on your services offered, or to help optimize your site to make it Google friendly or to constantly build back links for your website as a vote of confidence, we at Conceptualise have the experience to rank you and we have proved that to number of sites in the last few years. We will only commit realistically on rankings and would be glad to help provide some add-ons that will make your investment worth it. Talk to us and we can discuss your real questions on SEO.

How many industries have you worked for in terms of SEO?

A very valid question and we are glad to answer. We have attained rankings and results for a range of industries across the planet, including Food & Beverages, Apparel, Innovation companies, HR consulting firms, Management Consultants, Service providers, E Commerce platforms, Resorts, Sports academies, Real estate firms, Non Government Organizations, Concept selling, Healthcare and body building, pharmaceuticals, Goods exporter firms, Outsourcing firms, travel and tour companies, event management companies, Video games, Coffee and Tea production firms, Machinery and equipment and photography to name a few. We have not even named others here. So we have the experience and the talent besides showcasing results.

Why is your pricing so different? Why are you among the more expensive companies to provide SEO packages?

We beg to differ, that we are among the expensive ones. We are actually among affordable companies for SEO. We provide a lot of value by providing packages that include Video, Social Media and Blogs. We provide cheap SEO services as such because our package is wholesome. In fact an explainer video, selling for over Rs 35000 almost comes free to you as part of SEO packages. Besides offering low pricing, our team is very qualified and knows SEO techniques well. In fact we sit and study SEO strategies almost daily as learning is a key principle internally among our teams. We keep updated with Google algorithms and updates. Discuss your next Search Engine Optimization project with us and let us take you on a search engine journey of learning and implementing.

What about your Social Media Optimization, Optimization process?

We help you move up social media rankings, likes, interactions, re tweets, pins via a range of Social Media platforms. Each strategy is custom designed on your needs. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, You-tube or Instagram, we will help you connect with global audiences (or local ones if you prefer) and show you results based on interactions. Our Social Media packages include creative for banner or posts, content and titles, creating new pages, posting on them and engaging with people with interest on your subject or your target market if you would like to name them that way.

How is Search Engine optimization different from search engine marketing?

What constitutes the difference between Search Engine Optimization difference and Search Engine Marketing is sometimes complicated and blurred. In a general sense, back-linking and submissions on various sites for your content is called Search Engine Optimization, while if you would like to go for Pay Per Clicks, or remarketing or paid ads, the term used for the same is Search Engine Marketing.

What are key words in search engine rankings? Why do you target keywords in SEO?

Words or phrases used in the search box to attain some results in a search engine like Google are called keywords. To initiate your SEO process, we analyze the keywords people are searching for within your industry or services, and then target those keywords to rank your website on. Without these keywords, you may be ranking for a lot of irrelevant words or phrases and may not be relevant to a searcher thus leading to low conversion rates. Keywords searched in different Google platforms like Google.com or Google.ae, or Google.co.in may be different as they are dependent on various countries you are accessing Google from.

Does that mean I only rank for those keywords on a search engine for my website?

Our process of targeting keywords does not imply you only rank for those keywords. What we aim to do is for you to rank on the relevant keywords but our reports will also outline variant keywords your website is ranking on, thus giving you a holistic picture of your standings on the search engine.

Why is it important to list your business on google places?

Google places helps people reach you via results shown on Google maps and many a times results on keyword searches brings up map results as well. A great place to get reviews and showcase them too, Google maps gives out the basic information about your business like location, timings, address, contact numbers, reviews, photographs etc.

Why should I seek explainer videos to show case my product or services?

Videos grab attention like no other media. Short, relevant, funny or informative, Videos are a great way to leave a lasting impression on a viewer. What may take an hour to explain via a sales professional sometimes takes less than a minute via video and animation. An explainer video is either animation, info-graphic or character animation, sometimes even a motion video to showcase the challenges, solutions and USPs of your business. Videos are also often used for training and safety portrayals by many reputed firms. Video marketing often helps attain great results and results among searches on search engines and video platforms like YouTube.

It is expensive to make an explainer video?

Absolutely not, we make videos at low costs. And sometimes even free as part of our SEO packages. Talk to us for your affordable explainer video. As an animation video production company in Gurgaon, we have made great explainer videos for companies around the world!

Can you help in removing bad links to website?

Often, bad strategies by some dubious SEO firms leads to bad link building. We analyze your results and ensure that the bad ones are removed, of course with your permission. Using Google approved tools we help clean up bad links Search engines only go through good links for your website.