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Social media marketing constitutes paid efforts on social media, while Social media optimisation is the process of adding content, optimising and engaging with audiences organically. If you are searching for Social media marketing companies in Gurgaon to promote your product, look no further. Social media impact largely depends on how you optimise your presence and reach your targeted audience at the right time with the right messaging. Do you have an e-Commerce business or do you own a traditional wholesale business or maybe you are a creative person offering a certain kind of services. It is quite likely that your target market uses at least 2 social media platforms among the large number of platforms in use today. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest or YouTube to be named as the more familiar ones or be it Four Square or Vimeo among the lesser known ones, your visibility is required on a number of right platforms to get the exposure you need to be seen by your customers or potential customers.

As the name says it all, the social media needs constant updates, creative posts and engagement with your audience to get likes, shares, or for them to be a fan or follow you or to subscribe to your videos. It is not a day’s job to get all that going. Often, people would look at these statistics just to get an understanding of your popularity and also to understand your services, offers, updates or new story you may have to tell the world. You can sell your services or promote your brand via social media, choosing the platform that best suits your needs.


  • Choose social media platforms after careful analysis of your goals
  • Creating profiles and pages on the chosen social media platforms
  • Content marketing based on campaign
  • Creative banners, GIFs and Videos created for audience engagement
  • Carousel and Video ads, beyond graphical banners and text ads are created in line with the strategy
  • Getting you likes, shares, fans, followers and subscribers
  • Fulfilling engagement and Call to Action buttons
  • Getting reviews, comments and conversations going with audiences
  • Maintain your online reputation on social media with testimonials and reviews
  • Social media marketing company ensures you effectively manage ROIs

What is Social Media?

Interactive forms of Internet enabled technology platforms that allow audiences and businesses to post, engage and communicate interests, content and visuals are referred to as social media. Social media can be of varied kinds.

  • Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are platforms that are highly popular and allow users to interact and engage.
  • Social messaging platforms like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Telegram and others allow encrypted chats as business and personal communications.
  • Crowdsouring can be another form of Social media and uses the audience for a particular purpose, mostly to generate funds for a goal.

What are popular Social Media platforms for businesses and brands?

To answer this, there are a range of factors to consider. While LinkedIn works best to create a personal brand and to advertise, it Pay Per Click Optons are expensive and more suited to larger ticket size offerings. Facebook has a large database that allows small businesses to advertise affordably, especially for B2C customers. Instagram has a visual approach to things and is amazing for B2C reach specially for products that are displayed well digitally, in images and videos.

How can I reach my target audience on social media?

Social media platforms carry a wealth of information in terms of users, interest, demographics, relationships, professional capacities and more. Hence it is easier to reach a certain targeted audience via Social Media advertising.

Can I get leads when I run Social Media Campaigns?

Yes, you can,. The ads are targeted for visibility, engagement or leads – pick your choice of desired results and you will achieve them.

Can I do social media myself?

Why not? If you have the capability to design graphics and videos and write engaging content and are accustomed to the best ways to optimize ads, you can! Else, you can take help from Social Media marketing companies.

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