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Why is design important?

Design is everywhere around us. Customers are attracted to designs when making an online choice. Whether social media or websites or logo designs, it is the visual appeal that matters. Design sells for you. Your design commands a certain respect and creates the right perspective in the minds of the customer.

Why is web design important?

Website is the face of your brand. Ensure it is easy navigable to access to information. A good design will always attract customers and keep them engaged with you. With a range of websites to look at, your web designs need to be intuitive enough to hold attention.

What roles do graphics and design play in Digital Marketing?

Pictures and videos play a major role in online marketing, as they garner attention and keep the uses engaged with your brand. The designs are also important as they align with your brand identity and communication. It is important for a person to be able to connect the designs with your brand.

Why are videos important?

Videos are more attractive to your viewers, be it vendors, sales reps or customers. Videos are able to amplify your message and credibility; hence videos are key components of digital marketing. Your explainer videos or Corporate videos are able to pass on the same messaging in a precise and consistent manner.

Why are graphics important for social media?

Social media is all about sharing posts and knowledge. A picture, GIF, cinemagraph or a video will hold the users for a longer duration and keep them attracted to your brand. Having a graphic designer for social media is not an option, but a necessity.

Do I need good designs for offline marketing?

You answered it yourself; you need a good design for anything that represents your brand. From leaflets to catalogues or brochures, standees or even exhibition branding, a good design makes you stand apart. Also, your brand communication needs to be consistent with the identity of your firm. E.g. logo colors ofeten define your brand communication colors.

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