How to Make Use of Local SEO in 2021

For a user, the search button is an integral part of Google and it is by using the search button that the user is connected to the world and knows where can he find what he needs. A buyer as per his convenience searches for a store that provides what he needs near him. Most of the google searches are for local information and local businesses. This just proves how Use of Local SEO is an important part of local businesses.

SEO is a very important tool for business, and those who are aware of the function and importance of SEO include it in their business marketing. SEO can increase the visibility and reach of the company to its buyers, in the case of local SEO it reaches the nearest interested buyers. Local SEO is mostly used and is helpful for small to medium businesses. People who fail to understand SEO make the mistake of using highly competitive keywords that are used by huge international and national corporations. Local SEO mainly focuses on getting your business more visibility, presence, customer reach, etc to the area of your business and to reach the customers who are looking for your service near you. To know more about Local SEO read the whole article.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, also known as Local Search Engine Optimization is the way toward streamlining a site to rank using certain keywords in the area or locality of the business. A small and medium-sized business that operates in a specific area or a limited area can benefit a lot from this. 

Importance of Local SEO

Search is where the journey of a buyer starts and even in the age of Amazon and Flipkart buyers prefer to first check an offline store and only then would they move to online shopping. According to the reports by Hubspot, 70% of consumers prefer stores where they can buy what they want in-store. There is a certain preference that buyers give to local businesses and it will only be efficiently utilized if local SEO is used for the boost of their website and business.

Ways to use Local SEO to your advantage

There are certain tools that you can use to increase your visibility and reach, some of which have been explained below.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool provided by Google which permits buyers to see your store or business based on what they are searching for. It shares important information regarding your business like the location, timings, phone number, ratings, and photos. It allows them to communicate with you and gives you an opportunity to interact with them. Google My Business is the most important tool for all businesses and is an absolute necessity for local businesses. It is one of the first steps towards establishing a local business but there are a few tips that will help you to optimize the results from Google My Business.

  • Update your address: This is a self-explanatory point, but some businesses forget to change their location on Google My Business when they move their office. Their address remains the same as they had used when they had verified. If you don’t change your address in situations like these then you will lose out on customers and ratings.
  • Add your timings and contact: Users are most likely to come to your store/ business based on the timings you have mentioned in your Google My Business profile. It is important to add your contact information for the convenience of the users. It is through this contact number that they will ask their doubts and interact with you.
  • Upload photos: Photos are an important part of a Google My Business profile. It through photos that one is able to know the ambiance, setting, and authenticity of a place. Photos not only attract more customers based on the setting but also help in building trust in your business.
  • Respond to questions: Some users might require more information than the basic ones that have been given on your Google My Business profile. It is through the feature of ‘Ask a Question’ that a customer will be able to place a query regarding your business. Make sure that you answer the question and be aware that the answer can be seen by everyone along with your Google My Business profile.
  • Make use of Google My Business Update: A lot of individuals forget to use the Google My Business updates but using the update you can post your reports on your Google My Business profile. Posting sales and promotions can help your business to acquire more clients and drive more sales.

Google Map Pack

If a specific product or service is searched for then the results provide the businesses that provide the same in the locality that the user is in. Google while showing the results recommends three local businesses near you depending on your location. This is called the Google Map Pack.

When a buyer chooses a specific business google shows the exact location from which makes it easier for the customer to navigate to the location. You will need Google My Business and your shop location on Google Maps to be able to be one of the recommendations. Other tools can be affected by your SEO efforts but incase of Google Map Pack only two things can determine the visibility of your store in the recommendations – the area from where the search is being made and the reviews. Usually, Google shows the store that is the nearest to the user but with good reviews, you can outrank the other businesses.

Good Reviews

Reviews are one of the most important facto based on which a buyer decides the store buy what he wants. Reviews reveal the quality of service, product, environment, and authenticity of a business. It helps users to build their trust and user on an average would not prefer to go to a shop which has less than 3 stars. It might seem hard to control the reviews but in reality, it is the only factor that you can improve offline. Customers give their reviews based on the products and services that have been provided by the seller. 

Geotagging your keywords

There is only a small difference between geotagged keywords and non-geotagged keywords is that geotagged keywords include the location of the business along with the non-geotagged keyword. Even though the difference between a geotagged keyword and a non-geotagged keyword seems small, the effect that a geotagged keyword has is huge. Geotagging a keyword will help your business to be found in local searches and if you use non-geotagged keywords then you will be competing with huge companies which reduces your chance for visibility.

Various tools become useful for Local SEO which can increase the visibility of your business in your locality. Make sure to use these few basic tips to increase your reach but if you want more effective and professional help on SEO then you should reach out to Conceptualise. They are the best SEO company in Gurgaon and successfully provided a wider local reach for a lot of companies. Conceptualise is the Digital marketing company in Gurgaon that will help you with Local SEO for the best results.