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Mobile App Development

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Modern Web and mobile applications provide a great intreface for customer engagemnt and solutions offered by brands. We work with a range of mobile applications including


  • Native Applications
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Windows Apps
  • Web applications


What is Mobile App development?

Creating mobile application for consumer and business use is a complex process and needs an expert team of developers and designers to come up with an engaging user friendly mobile application.

Do I need multiple Mobile Apps for different users?

You can choose to get a hybrid app that works on different platforms, but a larger business and specific use is better achieved with separate mobile apps for iOS, Blackberry and Android.

What is the first step before a mobile app is developed?

A web application is the base and the mobile app fetches data from the web application. Hence a Web app is the first step. Whether you show this to the user or not, a backend web app is needed.

Do I need a complicated website?

It depends on your need. Choose a simple ecommerce if you don’t have many categories and products. If you do, then you would need a layer of hierarchy pages to establish ease of use and buying.

Is Mobile App development an expensive process?

Mobile Apps can be affordable and expensive depending on the quality and features to be developed and included. An app development could be as affordable as Rs 50,000 or go upwards beyond Rs 50 Lacs.

How do I know if the Mobile App development firm has the experience?

Check on the credentials of the firm and understand what they have created in the past. This allows you to gague their business understanding and the scope they cater to in terms of Mobile App development.

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