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Online Reputation management is the key to your visibility and credibility on the World Wide Web. Let us understand what Online reputation management is and how it can add credibility or even hurt your brand. Let us say you are an investor and people search for your name online. They see a listing of your social media and websites, but they also see some blog on your old criminal case. Or as a doctor, they see that you have had some bad surgeries. Or as a consumer brand, they see that there are negative reviews about your product. All these negatives will hurt you and the viewer may not take kindly to these and may not want to work with you or buy from you. Online reputation management helps you maintain that credibility online. So, whether it is to request a certain listing to be removed or wash a negative away from the first few pages of search engine visibility, we at Conceptualise work closely with you to help maintain positivity about your brand.


Social Listening

It is imperative to understand what your patrons or general public are talking about you as a brand. A recent incident showing a delivery guy eating food out of the delivery package hurt the brand, and they had to take corrective actions. People influence people and it is important to use the technology to understand people are talking about you.


Review Management

Managing reviews and testimonials are important for you brand. We help at every step of the way. From reading to replying after due consultations, we help you with review management.


Request Un-listing

On your behalf, we request list platforms to remove your negatives online.


Wash Away Negative Listings

We only use this strategy when we are not able to remove the listing; hence to do this, we add a lot of positives to wash the negative away from easy view.


Social Media Positivity

We add posts and videos to add to your positives.


Search Engine Optimization

We rank your positives for keywords so you can gain from positive listing.

ORM services offered by Online Reputation Management Company in Gurgaon helps you retain positive reviews for individuals, brands, form and products. Be it you individual self, or a brand reputation, be it online or on social media, be it reviews or blogs and articles, be it 3rd party sites or consumer forums, we help manage your online reputation either by seeking to remove your reviews or by washing them away to lower pages on search engines and platforms to help maintain your online reputation. It matters what people say about you. In this online age, your potential customers can be put off by bad reviews or drawn in by good ones. Come let us help you build and maintain your reputation online.

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    What is Online Reputation Management?

    Brands thrive on their credibility. Their success largely depends on what their customers, vendors, employees and the general public says about them. As the world goes more and more online, brands’ credibility depends on what their audience views of them and talks about them. Online reputation including reviews makes a huge impression on potential customers for a brand. Also, any coverage by media and bloggers and complaints on online forums make a huge impact on brands.

    What is ORM?

    ORM is the abbreviation for Online Reputation Management. In short, most professionals refer to the Online Reputation Management as ORM.

    How do ORM agencies help brands maintain their reputation online?

    ORM agencies have specialists who work on positive content for brands to help them establish better credibility and wash down negative reviews with more affirmative ones. The Search Engine teams works on establishing better visibility on search platforms while social media specialists work on garnering more support on social media platforms.

    How can you hide negative reviews on Google and Facebook or maps?

    Negative reviews can be hidden from plain sight in two ways.

    • One idea is to request the reviewer (individual or website) to take down the negative reviews. This could tale days or weeks.
    • The second option is for specialists to create positive content and wash down negative content from instant sighting.

    Does Online Reputation Management work for professionals?

    Online Reputation Management works for professionals, service providers or product sellers. Any brand with an online presence can opt for the process of ORM to increase their positivity online on social media and search engines.

    How can I know if there are negative reviews online about me?

    Search on search engines and social media with your name and brand name or service offering and you may see positive and negative impression about you. There are a range of social listening tools (free and paid) that can help you understand and discover reviews that mention you or your name.

    How fast does ORM work?

    Typically it is a continuous project and in special cases of having a certain or definitive negative input, the process could take a few weeks typically.

    Is ORM automated or manual?

    The best ORM agencies typically work on this is a manual manner placing positive comments and working to wash down or delete negativity.

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