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If you’re looking for explainer video production company in your area, then you have landed fine. We are explainer video company based in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

Video production is on the rise. As more and more people move their eyeballs to live streaming and videos, brands are inclined to use this powerful medium to showcase the content and messaging. There are a number of video types found online, which are getting popular attention.

If you are looking for animated video production companies in Gurgaon or Delhi, reach to us. One among the best corporate video makers in Delhi and Gurgaon, Conceptualise is your preferred partner to come up with the apt solutions. Even searching for animation video maker in Delhi, you are likely to be directed towards Conceptualise. With over 13 years of working with brands online and offline, we at Conceptualise have helped over 500 brands worldwide with solutions for marketing including explainer videos and corporate videos.
Over the last decade or so, YouTube has increased in popularity. A recent survey shows internet viewers in India mostly hooked up to watching videos online. Corporates and small business alike have been searching for ways to make their content engaging for their target audiences; hence videos come up as an obvious choice.
Explainer videos are a great way to explain your brand and services to your viewers, hence we recommend the use of this tool as one among the most effective pieces of content marketing. From infographic videos to whiteboard animation, 2D animation or Stock motion videos, we at Conceptualise work to ensure you get the best videos to showcase to your viewers. You could use videos as sales tools or explain a lesser-known service or as a company profile or purely as an explanation of a concept or service.

Among the Explainer video production companies in Gurgaon, we at Conceptualise have the most creative team to help prepare the best storyboard and related animation to help produce a great corporate video or Animation video. Choosing among Animation or explainer or Corporate Videos, you could engage your clients in a number of different ways, depending on levels of seriousness including fun or a formal approach to video production.

The above modes of videos are used to make various types of videos for brands and individuals. Explainer videos are generally used by brands to explain a service, a concept or an event offering. These may be animated, Whiteboard or stock motion videos or even professionally shot ones. Brand promotion videos are for online and digital promotions with a certain call to action. Music Videos are ones with song and music. Animated educational videos help explain concepts via use if animated versions and characters. Testimonials and procedural videos are shot professionally and edited with animation or stocks. Animated logos are a dynamic form of logos as intro or outro for the videos.

Our end to end solution as corporate video makers include Storyboarding, Animation – 2D or Stock Motion or Infographics or White Board Animation, Computer generated or Human Voice Overs, Background music as per the video clips or in tune with the approach.

Videos can be placed in, Mobile advertising, Websites, Offline & Digital advertising, Email marketing, WhatsApp, Social Media, Films, as a sales tool by the marketing teams, Internal training tools, Promotions, Explanation of concepts etc

So if you are looking for an explainer video company in Gurgaon or Delhi or a video production company, we can help you with a range of videos for your usage. There are a number of animated video companies, but we are far ahead with experience and expertise.

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    As the best animated video maker in Delhi, Gurgaon, we specialise in a range of explainer videos services including:

    Animated videos-2D or 3D

    Versions of Animated videos are gaining popularity

    Info-graphic videos

    Generally used as charts, graphs and numbers ot explain numbers and percentages and inclination towards a certain parameter, these accompany blogs and posts on the internet as self explanatory videos

    Walkthrough videos

    These are used to explain a structure or project especially in real estate or layout of a certain type of property.

    Professional shot and edited

    More like web series or film-making, these require videographers and editors to put together a professionally shot video with actors and props.

    Stock motion videos

    A collection of paid or free clips found online and combined into a video with the usage of real people and real objectification.

    Whiteboard animation

    Typically used to explain concept, with hand drawings and movement over a white background, these are intuitive and interesting videos.

    How can videos help businesses? Here are 10 advantages of posting reels on Instagram and shorts on YouTube.

    • Increased visibility: By posting videos on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, businesses can increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.
    • Engagement: Videos are a more engaging form of content compared to text or images, and are more likely to attract and retain viewers’ attention.
    • Brand building: Videos provide a platform to showcase a business’s brand and values, and can help establish a strong and memorable brand image.
    • Product demonstration: Businesses can use videos to demonstrate the use and benefits of their products, making it easier for potential customers to understand what they are buying.
    • Customer testimonials: Customer testimonials can be used in videos to provide social proof and build trust in a business’s products or services.
    • Storytelling: Videos provide an opportunity for businesses to tell their story and connect with their audience on an emotional level.
    • Increased web traffic: By posting videos on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, businesses can drive traffic to their websites and increase their online visibility.
    • Analytics: Platforms like YouTube provide valuable insights into the performance of videos, allowing businesses to measure the success of their video content and make improvements.
    • Cost-effective: Compared to other forms of marketing, video production can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and promote a business.
    • Versatility: Videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including product demonstrations, brand building, and customer engagement, making them a versatile marketing tool for businesses.

    What is an Explainer Video?

    An explainer video showcases a brand and its offering in a form of video, including 2D or 3D animation, Whiteboard, stock motion or motion graphics form. An explainer video could also use real shot lips, be it of the brand, stake holders or testimonials. An explainer video is best suited to ensure you understand the concept of the business within a minute or so. A voice over background music is optional but adds great value.

    What is a Corporate Film?

    A Corporate Film represents a Brand or a Corporate entity in establishing its identity, presence, strengths, offerings and history to potential audiences including vendors and customers. It is similar to an explainer video but would have the sophistication a brand needs to portray itself.

    What is the best form to create a Video?

    A video could be created in the form of choice, whether 3D or 2D Animation or stock motion or graphical forms including screenshots and info-graphics based on the messaging it seeks to showcase. The choice is best made in discussion with an explainer video company who specializes in creating Videos including pre production and post production facilities inhouse and experienced video editors who understand colors, branding, messaging, video clip editing, and how to showcase a certain identity within a video.

    What are the inclusions in an Explainer Video?

    An explainer Video has a number of components including Video clips or images, background music, voice over, graphical effects and engaging intro and extro sections to add branding value.

    What is the cost of an explainer video?

    An explainer video can cost Rs 10,000 upwards and some agencies may charge you per second/ minute of the entire project including the costs of production or just stock motion plus the edits thereof. Typically Videos in India cost Rs 25000 per minute as an average without the concept of real shots involved. There are a number of software that can be used to make a video if one understand the know-how and the finishing in the respective software.

    Is a video better then a regular presentation?

    The answer is obvious. To engage the viewer a video has way more capability compared to images and presentations, and the viewer is able to understand the video presentation in a a more convincing manner.

    Should the video have copyright free clips and images?

    Yes, professionals always use copyright free clips, images and templates to create a video that can be uploaded online and distributed without infringing on others’ copyrights. This is an important safeguard so you save yourself from legal suits or embarrassment.

    Which is a good agency to produce an explainer video?

    Conceptualise has created videos for over 100+ brands across 5+ countries and helps you get affordable solutions for Explainer Videos in any form. Come, engage with the best agency for Explainer Videos and Corporate Films.

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