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    Digital Marketing Amidst COVID-19

    There is a plethora of information buzzing around concerning the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Such as how to keep yourself safe, using washing of hands technique, following social distancing, what are side-effects of the virus and what should be done if you are caught by it and much...

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  • 21

    4 must-known ways to create content on social media

    Posting the right mix of content over social media is the challenging task. People who don’t know the basics of content posting on social media often consider it as a cakewalk, and for them putting anything online is ok. But this is not exactly how you create your brand...

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  • 06

    You might be unaware of these 4 tips to create a compelling headline

    Content creators and advertisers spend a lot of their time creating content and running ads. However, all marketing companies Gurgaon knows that potential target readers would not click to read the content if the heading is not attractive.  So, how can you create an overwhelming and clickable heading? Are...

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