Press Release Distribution India

We Support Press Release Distribution Services In India

Press Release Distribution India

Press Release Distribution India

Whether you are a start-up, a small or a medium business or a Large Corporate, positive PR can definitely help you garner eyes and ears and prove to be an amazing way to gain credibility on your profile or a particular service you may be offering. Press Release distribution India is a key service we offer to you beyond the intuitive Digital Marketing solutions on offer. If you are looking to spread awareness about yourself, what better than Online Distribution of Press Release on Media websites?

Great visibility and credibility for Start Ups

Whether investors viewing your profile online or new customers who view and learn more about you via media coverage of Press Releases, you are definitely gaining the big edge via an online distribution of Press Release announcements. What you stand to gain is the following:

  • Typically a Press Release will get you 30-70 coverage on online media, many of them very reputed. This means you get those links that are indexed for Search engines and leave a great online footprint of your brand and an amazing visibility when your potential target audience search online for you. Your SEO gets a great boost and your website visitors get valuable juice from popular high ranking web pages.
  • You can populate these online media links on your Website, hence gaining credibility from your website visitors.
  • Your investors might be online reading news sites for investment opportunities, so you may actually hear from them. Even otherwise, when you pitch to them, you can showcase the media coverage for your Press Release.
  • You can display the online links generated via Social media to your audiences.

Great value for Corporates

Whether you have multiple announcements to make or one off the engagement, you definitely gain from this Press Release Distribution. What you stand to gain is the following:

  • Typically a Public Relations company may be expensive for a project engagement and rarely eng+
  • You pay per use. You pay a meagre amount for Press Release distribution India services. The amount may be as low as Rs 10,000 + taxes. An average well-built Press Release with a picture and video may not cost more than Rs 15000 + tax.
  • You are consistently in the news sending out announcements, and increasing your online footprint.

We, at Conceptualise, offer valuable Press Release distribution with 24 -72 hour reporting pattern on links generated on online media. Come, be seen and increase your Positive Digital Quotient.

The Press Release distribution process we follow is simple

  • You contact us for a Press Release
  • We help you draft and edit the Press Release
  • The Press Release is ready with text, Picture and Video
  • The media contacts or website/ Google Play links are added to provide more visibility.
  • The final Press release is reviewed and acknowledged by you.
  • The Press Release goes for distribution.
  • The online coverage typically averages from 30-70 online media houses
  • Our media monitoring team helps look for your mentions of the release.
  • The first report reaches within 48 hours of the Release and the final one in approximately 96 hours of release.
  • You get the value and visibility. Your return on investment is multiple-fold, based on the value of visibility on Media channels covering your news announcement.

Come, experience and walk away with a great online traction for your news and be seen by your stake holders online everytime.