Understanding Why Digital Marketing Strategies Cannot Exist Without Quality Visual Content

A quick scroll on your social media timeline will reveal that there’s more visual content than text. This is because it’s easier to catch the attention of someone through photos, videos, infographics, charts and the like. While headlines can practically do the same thing, they are not as engaging as visuals. Well, that and the fact that approximately 90% of the information processed by our brains is visual.

Content that ranges from the photographic all the way up to the infographics are effective in boosting engagement and getting the audience to hit the call-to-action button. Moreover, with almost everyone present online, companies need to step up their game and be more creative in strengthening their online visibility. This is why visual content is an essential element in planning digital marketing strategies.

Increase Views and Engagement

When people see something interesting online, they stop scrolling. They click the link to see what the post is all about. This is the kind of reaction that you want your content to have. It’s hard to achieve this if you rely on text alone. The perfect way to hit this target is by adding more visuals to the content you upload.

Now, don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying that you should do away with the wordplay. What we’re trying to emphasize here is the need to give your audience a “break” by adding an image, a video, a chart, or an infographic in between paragraphs. Since they’re a lot less stressful to the eyes, people are more hooked when they look at them or watch them. Suffice to say, visual content is an effective way to boost not just views, but also engagement. Moreover, it is easy to create visuals with the help of many online easy to use design tools.

Better Communication

Marketing has a lot to do with storytelling. You introduce your company and the products and services that you offer by telling them your story. How they react to the story depends on the words you use, the way you construct your story, and the image that you share with them. Getting them to reach the end of that story depends on how engaging you are as a story teller.

Now, one thing that needs to be highlighted here is the role that visual content plays in digital marketing. A photo or a video is a summary of an essay that’s over five paragraphs long. It captivates the audience, and it takes them on a journey: one that has a call-to-action button right at the end. Since visuals are not as overwhelming as wordy essays, the chances of getting the conversions that you need are higher. This is a reason why Ad strategies for Facebook or Instagram rely more on images, graphics and videos and not on the lengthy use of texts.

Improved Information Dissemination

Companies often make the mistake of writing wordy essays whenever they want to promote a product or service that they offer. While this gives the public access to everything they need to know, it can easily bore them out. People these days no longer have the patience to read long articles. If you want to get their attention, you have to find a way to condense all that information into a photo, video, or infographics.

Images and videos are excellent tools at breaking down complex pieces of information. One could be reading a five-page paragraph and reach the last page without understanding anything. Their reaction could be different after looking at an infographics or watching a video discussing the same thing.

You want your audience to feel like they learned something after checking out your content. If they feel engaged or empowered, they’ll visit your website and social media pages. This gives you more opportunity to convince them to buy something from you, avail of your service, or subscribe to your newsletter. Even renowned bloggers these days use videos to explain a process or to share their ideas. Visuals have become a convenient option for them to reach their audiences in a better way.

Boost Engagement on Social Media

Social media posts with visuals grab more attention than those without. This is why you need to put premium on high-quality visual content if you want your digital marketing strategy to be as effective as your competition. With a share button that’s easy to see and click on, people won’t hesitate to repost, share, or send content that they find highly relatable. For as long as people keep liking, leaving comments, and sharing your content, you won’t have to worry about being visible online and getting more engagement.

Visual content is a tool that needs to be paid attention to and maximized by digital marketing strategists. It’s a sure fire way to get your target audience’s attention and getting them to see what you want them to see. You give them all the information they need to know without making them feel overwhelmed.

These visuals are also an excellent way to bring back the humanistic side of the online world. Recent developments in technology have everyone talking to bots whenever they want their questions answered immediately. By sharing more images and videos, you allow people to see people (or at least representations of them) on their feed. These are elements that audiences from different parts of the globe can relate to. This appeal to emotion remains to be the best form of marketing. It’s also something that’s difficult to achieve through wordy content.

A Healthy Balance

In case you’re wondering if text is something digital marketing strategies can do without, the answer is no. They’re just as important as visual content. Words have the power to move people while visual helps to catch your audience. However, in the world of digital marketing, you need reactions, engagement, and conversions. Thus, finding a healthy balance between words and images is necessary. Text taps into the mental side of your audience. It riles them up and gets them thinking. This is the part you want to activate if you’re comparing products or getting them to weigh the pros and cons of things. Visual content, on the other hand, speaks to their emotions.

When content resonates with someone, you can count on them to share it with people on their contact list. They will do the promotion for you. This magnifies your efforts to market your company, products, and services and will help you establish as a brand. It’s a brilliant way to maximize the power of digital marketing.