Trends In 2019 Web Development You Need To Know With A Web Development Company In Gurgaon

Web development has been improved so much in the past decade. There are lots of new strategies and technologies which are highly proficient for developing attractive and highly functional websites. Now, the websites are more flexible, sales-oriented and highly responsive. But, even after these huge growths in this field, the rises on new trends are not stopping. Whereas 2018 was the year of fast rendering performance, atomic CSS and progressive web apps, 2019 is going to give us more new development gifts. In this article, we will know what type of services your Web Design company in Delhi would be offering to you in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence or Bots

The AI will be able to do various cognitive tasks on the websites to improve its effectiveness. There are the chances that some sorts of the initial implementation of AI would be done in this year. Bots will gather crucial data about engagement, customer response, etc. So, to keep going with the trends, a Web development company in Gurgaon should start gathering the knowledge about this field too.


Motion UI

As we can see a huge demand for interactive user interfaces, the developers are coming up with the new idea. There is the latest trend of motion UI which is in its initial stage till now. This technology will enable the websites to offer their customers highly interactive dynamic graphics and animations. These animations will give a real impact on the website usability if used in a good manner by Gurgaon web development company.



Blockchain is considered as one of the biggest trends which will be implemented in 2019’s web development services. It helps to protect our crucial intellectual properties, decentralize data storage systems and to create supply chain audits. This will be the best things for the businesses which will help them to maintain and accumulate their vital data using the latest technology. It is required for a web development company Gurgaon to gather a vast knowledge of this field too.



We can see lots of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) on the most popular search engine Google. These pages provide higher degrees of responsiveness and fast-loading for smartphone users. The technology has already been implemented. But, we will see various advancements in this technology in 2019.