Struggling with Instagram likes? Consider these ways to enhance engagement in 2020.

Instagram is the platform that is hard to put our eyes off from, right? You see a lot of influencers on the platform who are no less than a celebrity, but hey! Are they still gaining the same number of likes in the long run? No! The Instagram algorithm has taken a 360-degree turn and has drastically changed the life of the influencers and other Instagram users. Many social media agencies in Gurgaon have gone through the algorithm of Instagram and got you some tips to improve your Instagram engagement.

Consider these ways by Conceptualise, the social media marketing company in Gurgaon to boost your Instagram engagement fast.

  1. Engage with your users

Yes, you read it right. Engaging with your users interacting with them is an important part of the process. Many brands are creating content without understanding the pain point of the user, interact with them, and ask about what want to see on your feed. This is the best option to go with explained by Social Media agencies in Gurgaon

  1. Lengthy Instagram Captions

Aren’t you a story lover? You are right! Do you have the power to create an engaging story around your post? No! So, it’s time to start polishing your storytelling skills. Trust us, this will get you good engagement. People get more engaged with stories, then those short captions.

  1. Separate Fake Influencers from Genuine Ones

Likes help you to distinguish between real and fake followers and influencers. If there are fewer likes or no likes one can easily get to know the reality of the Instagrammer. If will get easier for brands to approach the real influencer for their brand promotion.

  1. Don’t take hashtags lightly

You must be knowing the power of the hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to reach your potential audience in no time. Just like the right hashtag act as the weapon of profit for you, the wrong hashtag can steal the game. So, be careful while choosing the hashtags.

It might be possible that everyone will not react in the same, but you’ll get the best out of the processes you’ll try out. Take each of your audience seriously and start engaging with them.