Social Media – A Platform Used By Social Media Marketing Companies To Make Your Brand Influential.

A lot of thoughts pop into your head when you see the ad of a site on any of your social media accounts which you just checked out an hour before? Wondering how it happened?

That’s called Re-marketing or retargeting. Concepts in the Social Media agencies in Gurgaon marketing are evolving at a fast-paced and this might not be a new concept but is trending for a long time since the digital marketing has taken over the world. Re-marketing is actually a method of targeting your ads to the people who have already visited your website by taking help of data analyst which provides the data about the custom audience and their previous web history.

Still scratching you’re head on how it works? Here is the simple guide to understanding the process.

Re-marketing or re-targeting can be done by following either the pixel-based methods or the list based method. Pixel method is mainly based on the concept of what we have heard called Cookie. A cookie is created in the web history which provides the advertiser the idea of what the customers are looking for and then further the ad networks as chosen by the advertisers or the brands ask them to send specific ads based on their web history. Another method is a list based method which concentrates on emailing to their prospective and current clients having same e-mail id across all the platforms to easily access their e-mails and form the list. Besides these two methods, another way is the Facebook custom audience method which has 2- 3 more options like Facebook fans, look-alike audience which also targets the audience for the ads based on their recent searches and interest.

Purpose of Re-marketing is basically to make the mark in the minds of the consumer. It helps them in recalling the brand at the time of the need for any product. It is not only Facebook, but all the other social media platforms are using the re-marketing strategies based on the tools available to increase awareness and expand the reach of their products and services.

Events are yet another a powerful medium to promote your brands products or services. Brands can leverage the power of social media to promote an event that they might be attending or even if they are organizing it. After the extensive research, the top highlights are that the proportion of people talking about the event are same during the event or before the event. A large number of people were sharing quotes and other multimedia during the events. Different strategies can be followed to increase the buzz about the event duration or before it. Revealing artist or speaker in a creative way to make attendees curious, pre-ticket booking and promotion, event preparation photos and behind the scene photos followed by media announcements. While during the event, quotes and their experiences, audience feedback polls, extracts from the speaker contents, videos during the event and many more.

To Sum up, Social Media Marketing Company in Gurgaon can do a lot. It can uplift your brand from being a non-existent to one of the popular or powerful brands among their fields by implementing relevant social media strategies via appropriate social media channels.