Mitigate Common Mistakes in your SEO Approach

Basic Background about SEO

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a part of or service that falls under the blanket of Digital Marketing, aka, Internet Marketing. SEO encompasses many activities but works with the ultimate aim of bringing keywords on top ranking of searches on the internet, particularly search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO increases the inward website traffic, increases organic visibility through organic search engine activity and results. 

As an example, if a cycle manufacturer wants to bring its cycle products on the 1st page of Google search for potential buyers to see, reach and click on its website or cycle product line and make better or higher chance of purchase decision (by the prospect buyer), then SEO is involved here in bringing these type of keywords up. This is only a tip of the iceberg example of how SEO can help a company website or its product / service line. 

Note that most potential buyers make their purchase decision on the 1st page of search engine itself! Also, those about 75% of people do not even go to the 2nd page of search engines. There are different SEO company in delhi bwork and techniques involved in bringing about this highly rewarding result. 

SEO is the New Normal 

A company or an individual may have the best of product or service line, but in the current competitive and digital era and scenario, if the company – website, product or service is not visible online, then it will not get noticed, and ultimately will perhaps not sell or not have the required or desired targeted market share or audience reach. 

Why SEO is a Must

As stated above, 75% people make searches, decisions or clicks on the 1st page of search engines itself. Majority of marketers, marketing professionals etc agree that SEO is one their most effective tool.  Many provide quality content that tells about their company, website, their respective industry news or product/service line that over time ranks on top of search engines. Whether your product/service caters to B2B or B2C, SEO accomplishes all goals. 

To ensure for being there, not missing the boat, or not being left out, SEO is a must.