Content Writing: What Inspires Me To Blog And How Does It Affect My Business?

Writing blogs is fun and satisfying to me, as I can bring out the inner me via a pen to a paper or if I may liberally say so via my keyboard to my PC. So why should I blog to pass my message? To me, the blog is a short story to convey one feeling or to portray a message about a brand or product or services. Blog is original content writing to get noticed by Google. Blogs showcase your services in a way that involves feelings. So if you are looking to write, don’t think, just pen it down or if you cannot, then hire a content writer or a blog writer to get the job done. Blogs are medium to advertise or pass a message or a piece of advice with human feelings.

If you speak to seasoned advertisers, they will tell you this categorically – advertisement is nothing without human emotions. If you have been observing advertisements on TV or radio or magazines, they do portray the product but more importantly, they portray the human emotion attached to the products or how people feel when they actually use them. They are not selling products, they are selling emotions. And you buy them.

Blogs are a great way to connect. Google recognises original content and nothing gets closer to content than blogs. Maybe Quora does connect, as it’s all about answers to questions. Blogs get attention because they answer the question too. As a brand, on my website, or About Us page on the social media channels, I can only write about my products and services and brand once on my websites. But I can express my feeling in many more ways via blogging. I can consider various aspects of the same product, choose various topics to highlight its importance, write viewpoints of various people on it, and showcase it in a variety of ways. Blogs are truly adding value and emotion to a lifeless object on sale. Blogging can also be in current affairs and how we interact and communicate but here I will stress on how blogging helps grow visitors to your website and that can in turn help grow sales.

Can all content be converted into blogs? Well, it’s a blurry line of thought. Today, mobile features or features of any product are also presented as blogs. Blogs are not essays, anymore. They are full of life, well structured, and pass on a line of thought. How to choose a good blogger? Well, read the blog yourself. Does the writing attract you or force a thought within you? Blogs are not always about great grammar and vocabulary (although that helps greatly), it’s also about the way it is presented. Too often, we theoretically say that it matters how you say something, and not just what you say. The same is true for blogs too. Blogs are a way to communicate the thoughts. And a great marketing tool for your service. Use it to your advantage. Hiring a good content writer or blogger can greatly increase your viewership and sales. Visit us to find one to your advantage.