Animated Videos created by Explainer Video Company In Delhi Help In Promoting the Business

Did you know how Google ranks your website? One of the main elements is by taking into account the time a visitor spends on your site. No matter how effective your content is, it just doesn’t appeal to some readers, and they leave your website within seconds of visiting it. It affects your Google ranking, and you don’t get to the first page of Google search results in spite of all your SEO efforts.

Here the animated explainer videos come in handy. These videos are attractive, fun to watch, and usually go viral. While creating standard videos needs a lot of equipment, shootings, actors, locations and much more, animated videos are easier to create, cheaper on the pocket and a lot more entertaining. Here are a few reasons given by digital marketing company why you should consider them for your business growth.

  1. Increase Conversion Rates

According to a recent survey, around 85% people have confessed to buying products after seeing an explainer video about the product. While these videos help to keep visitors on the page for a longer time, they also assist in converting them into potential customers. Always ensure you get the right people to create these videos since they need to be attractive, exciting and innovative for customers to watch them. Research shows that animated explainer videos on an average boost the website average time from 8 seconds to two minutes.

2. Increased Interest

When the animated video is interesting, viewers spend the time to watch it. In case they like it, they go ahead and share the video on social media which increases the views and makes your product popular. With increased interest come the opportunity of increased sales and more business growth. Also, the animated marketing video acts as a concise summary of your company, the story, the colors, and the characters. It acts as your online identity.

3.Increased Web Traffic

If you’re familiar with the term going viral, then this is how you can get it done at cost effective rates. Animated videos are some of the most popular videos you can find online. They are fun to watch, interesting, and informative. Animated videos are made using animated characters that represent the target audience. Since the target audience watches something that they can easily relate to, the level of engagement is quite high.

4.Make wise use of brand color

A research shows that target audience makes an opinion about the product by color alone. Up to 90% of the judgment made about products is impacted by the colors. Thus, colors are crucial to influencing how the audience sees your brand. To create brand awareness make most of the brand colors in the video. It will help the audience recognize the brand right away and easily recall it later. Try and use the entire color palette of colors that relates to your brand.

To make the best explainer video that will help you build a striking, relatable and consistent brand look for a professional animated video maker. It is important as

Explainer Video Company In Delhi help share the right information about your business in an engaging manner. It helps users get a clear idea about the kind of business you run, the services you offer and how you can help them.