5 Myths of Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing is one of the most common terms used these days. With hundreds of digital marketing courses available online, as everyone thinks of themselves as a digital marketing expert, but they are not aware of the don’ts of the digital marketing. 

Here are 5 myths listed down by one of the top best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon, which you should definitely go through.

1.” Set It & Forget It”SEO

Don’t take SEO for granted. It is not a set it and forget process. You need to make the changes in the SEO with the change in the trend. Stay up to date with the current SEO trend with one of the best marketing companies Gurgaon and see yourself growing. 

2.Online marketing only work for a few industries 

Social media works for only some set number of industries, who told you this? You need to target your result-oriented platform and work accordingly. All industries can easily come online.

3. Avoid Digital

Many brands or companies avoid replying to negative reviews and comments. They don’t respond to negative feedback, which is not the right thing to do.

Don’t avoid it, accept it. It will help you in building your brand value, and your empathy can also help in your future transactions.

4.I can’t go online for many reasons

Yes, many companies and brands think that going online is not the right decision. One should have a goal and objective before going online and plan the things accordingly.

5. Old is gold

Online requires the right visuals and the content to be updated regularly. One should analyze the previous data and conclude that it is necessary to redesign the website or a page? Think twice before executing any inappropriate thing.

The digital sphere is ever-evolving, so the above methods face constant growth. Whether it’s SEM, SEO, Design, UX, Conversion Rate, Social Media, a brand should always do a double check before believing the myths.