4 must-known ways to create content on social media

Posting the right mix of content over social media is the challenging task. People who don’t know the basics of content posting on social media often consider it as a cakewalk, and for them putting anything online is ok. But this is not exactly how you create your brand value in the online world. It takes consistency, the right inputs, and quality production to get yourself noticed as a brand. If the reality check is done, then quality content needs to be created. This is the apt time when marketing companies Gurgaon come in the picture.

We as the top best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon have learned in our last 15 years of operations, that quality content rules over quantity content. Today, people want to attract the brands that have value in the market. Hence, you need to build quality content on a social media platform.

Let’s peep into the 4 best rules recommended by the top best digital marketing companies in Gurgaon concerning the creation of quality content on social media. Keep reading; you’ll surely ace the content creation game after reading this article.

1. Keep things simple, be you!

You’re no more the part of an era when fancy content easily grabs the eyes of the target audience. Time has changed now! You should also change the way of delivering the content to your audience. 

Make informative content, the content which will act as a bridge of communication between you and your audience. Learn what your audience wants. Explore it more, share your experiences. Do what makes you stand apart, but don’t forget to be you! 


Make it relatable. Trust us when we say ‘make it relatable,’ it refers to creating content that connects with your viewers’ emotions. ‘PaperBoat’ advertisement can be the right example for the relatable content, that feeling of nostalgia. Relatable content also helps you to garner the organic audience.


Platform-specific content can again be a win-win game for you and your audience. Learn about which content type suites which platform and post accordingly. For Instance, Facebook is best for posting videos to gain thousands of views. The same goes for other platforms. 

4.User-Generated content:

User-generated content is one of the best ways to create brand value in the market and engage more and more audiences. It establishes your brand’s credibility in the market.

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