26 Digital Marketing Tools Suggested By Best Digital Marketing Agency In Gurgaon

No Digital Marketing company in Gurgaon will guide you in terms of top digital marketing tools. Have you ever gave it a thought that you can reach your goals faster if you know about the best digital marketing tools. Several Digital marketing services in Gurgaon are there to help you with such tools, but the only way is you need to find the best Digital marketing company in Gurgaon.

In today’s time, there are many digital marketing tools that a person is unable to find the best-suited one. If you choose any tool, it will demand your time and money. And in future, if you shift to some other tool, it will waste all your efforts.

Want to learn about, how to find the best marketing tool?

We at Conceptualise depend on the given below digital marketing tools to meet our goals and can satisfy our clients. Let’s elaborate them understand them in-depth.

Analytics and Data Tools


It helps in keeping the regular track on your reader’s behaviour, so it can correct accordingly. You need to use their heat maps to know where your audience is clicking and also where the audience has stopped reading.

2.Google Analytics

It is the most important thing should be known by a digital marketer running a business. This tool is free from Google which provides you with all your website information that includes website engagement, website clicks, demographics, actions taken, popular keywords etc.

3.Platform-based social media analytics

It is the inbuilt tool on social media platform which gives you free analytics about your social media platforms. Though they are many tools suggested by a social media marketing company in Gurgaon platform-based media analytics check the social media platforms individually and provide them with different strategies.

SEO & Blog Content Tools


Ubersuggest gives you the suggestion of new blog topics and keywords. You only need to type the keyword to see similar results. With the help of the resulted keywords, you can find more keywords. And according to the trend, you can search for more options on trending keywords on google. Many search engine optimisation company in Gurgaon use this tool for keyword search help.

5.Google Keyword Planner

It is the tool which will help you to know which potential keyword is a pack of profit for you. It will let you know how many times your keywords are searched and will help you to find more similar results.


Yoast is part of WordPress. It is the plugin that will add up extra SEO data to a blog. This will helps Google to read and understand your page faster and will help you to rank higher in Google. Top digital marketing companies in Gurgaon also suggest Yoast for ranking.

Social Media Marketing Tools

7.Promo Republic

It is all-in-one-tool. The Promo Republic helps you to run your social media management on autopilot. It helps in social media post scheduling which will save your lot of time. It also helps in collaboration, content creation, reporting features and social monitoring for freelancers and agencies. This tool will ease your workflow.


It is the most useful top tool for evergreen content. Meet Edgar is one of the best digital marketing tools recommended by many digital marketing companies in Gurgaon. You just need to add your Facebook, Linkedin, twitter post in the library after that schedule them accordingly. It will get posted on your social media account.


Hootsuite is the tool which will check your all social media accounts at one place and helps you to schedule the posts. You only need to set up the stream for schedule posts, messages, tags, replies, etc. With the help of Hootsuite, you can assign the task of replying to your teammates.


This tool is used for scheduling your posts on Pinterest and Instagram. If you are an active business running on Pinterest than this tool is a blessing for you. It can schedule your posts and can repin the scheduled post according to the virality, traffic and engagement. Tailwind is a wise choice in getting your content shared.


SocialPilot is a tool used by small agencies, small teams and professionals. It helps in scheduling options, effective content calendar, RS feed automation, bulk scheduling, which makes social media planning task easy. These social media tools are prefered by many Social media marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

E-mail Automation Tools


Hatchbuck helps you in lead generation. It also helps with client communication.  CRM of Hatchbuck is designed for small businesses to monitor their activity in real-time and trigger leads when they are prepared to buy.

13.Hubspot Sales

It will let you know that who opened your mail and at what time. It also takes up professional history, latest tweets, company information and even helps you to schedule the emails for later use.

Email Deliverability Tools


The free tool to inspect the problem that increases the possibility of your mail to get sent in the spam folder. You should run a deliverability test to get sure that your emails are getting delivered to the main recipient folder.

Visual Design Tools


Canva helps to create creative layouts and designs. You can create the layouts and designs of your choice by picking up the best-fitted templets or blank design. Customization of the branding section can also be done according to your requirements.


Animoto helps you to create slideshow videos in a creative way. You only need to insert visual image, music, text, clips etc to create a slideshow video. You only need to add your prefered template in your media and then publish it on the preferred social media account.


Freepik gives you access to millions of pictures with the monthly subscription fee. It is the stock of pictures which one can use without worrying about the copyright.

Landing Page Tools


Leadpages helps you to make mobile-friendly landing pages. It also collects email address, integrates your page and offers lead magnets with email automation software.


It is the step before Leadpages which will build a series of landing pages to sell products, to capture email addresses and registering people for events etc.


OptimisePress tool gives the same feel and same look to your pages on WordPress site. With no. of templates available you can edit and customize your landing page to rank it faster.


It helps you to stay managed on the moving parts of your projects. With the option of client-facing folders, you can stay updated about the upcoming meetings, shared content, tasks etc, with the help of the calendar.


Asana helps you in managing your team in a better way. By converting conversations into tasks and assigning the priorities first, it helps your team to do the work at a faster pace.


Slack helps you to communicate with your team in a faster way. It is an instant messaging system that has private messages and chats associated with a topic.

Content Curation Tool


Feedly is a tool which helps you to group your all favourite blogs at one place. So, you will be able to scroll them in one go. It also informs you about the no. of shares of an article, making you share the most popular one on your social media.


Buffer is the fastest sharing way of anything you are reading. You just need to download the app or the extension. This will add your post in a queue on your prefered social media platform.

  1. Snip.ly

It is a powerful tool which is used for content curation that will drive the traffic to your website. It adds call-to-action on every blog. One can personalized it according to its choice in its fav colour, theme, logo. This will increase the chances of conversion.

This is a limited list of digital marketing tools shared by the top digital marketing company in Gurgaon. These are the best digital marketing tool any business can use for their benefit. At Conceptualise we use all top digital marketing tools which will help our clients to make their business profitable. Amongst the best search engine optimisation company in, Gurgaon we have years of experience and expertise in this niche. For knowing more about digital marketing tool and learning the procedure of digital marketing you can directly contact us.