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Search engine marketing as offered by the best SEO company in gurgaon Conceptualise, includes Google Ad-words, account creation and management including PPC & remarketing campaigns. What is Pay Per click ad? Pay Per Click is essentially an advertisement on search engine that is paid by advertiser when clicked upon by a viewer. If the viewer decides to only view the ad without clicking to know the details then the advertiser does not need to pay for the same and that view is counted as an impression.

Pay per clicks is generally done based on keywords related to services of the advertiser and the search pattern of individuals on search engines. The campaigns are created with a certain group of keywords, also taking into account suggestions by Google or related search engines. Then tracking the keyword for clicks ensures a better ROI by removing negative keywords. As an online marketing company, we ensure you get the best traction on the World Wide Web. A digital marketing company of repute, Conceptualise helps places your Google ads, PPC, so you get leads for your services. As an SEO agency we often recommend PPC for keywords you are not ranking organically on search engines.

Whether we would call ourselves the best SEO company is not the point here. We prefer our clients do that. Hence we work towards your goals and interests which in turn helps get us our customers.

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