Bigg Boss 11- A twist- All housemates get nominated except for Hina Khan!

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October 17, 2018
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October 17, 2018

Bigg Boss 11 has entered its twelfth week, and the intensity of the game is going up with each passing day. Hiten Tejwani’s unexpected expulsion has proved that no one could manage to take threats at this point in the game any longer. Arshi as well as Luv, the foe-turned-friends in an attempt to take revenge on their once-loved-ones are going to target Hina and also Akash. 7 from 8 remaining entrants will devote this blunder and deal with the wrath of Bigg Boss, tonight. Each of them other than Hina Khan will be chosen this week for expulsion as punishment through Bigg Boss by his lifestyle as he sees his best buddy Arshi Khan sketching versus him. He will lash out atss.

All candidates will be presented a clipping from fellow entrants reviewing nominations. Akash Dadlani will get stunned Arshi and also ask her just how she can betray their companionship. He is going to break all ties with Arshi and make it very clear to her that he performs not need any type of bogus friends waiting for him in the Bigg Boss home.

Bigg Boss will compliment housemates for executing well in the previous duty. The joy and happiness of housemates will definitely be short-term as Bigg Boss is going to add that even with many warnings. He will add that by doing this; he disrespected not merely the candidates yet also the series.
While Hina will ask him to apologise, Akash is going to reveal no remorse about his practice, saying ever
ybody in the house rested not only him.

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