What to post on different Social media channels?

Imagine you’ve created a captivating piece of content for social media platforms and clicked the publish button to share it on all your social media channels, but what happened next? You might have got an amazing response from one of the social media platforms, and the post on other platforms has not experienced the same reach, why? The reason is simple that all posts are not meant for all social media platforms. Many digital marketing company in delhi have done keen research to conclude.

If you watch the statistics of the various social media platforms, you’ll realize that every channel has a distinct audience. Making sure to match their expectations is the secret to boost your social engagement. Before we, the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon dive in for a more in-depth look, let’s seek at the prevailing guidelines:

Instagram: High-res pictures, quotes, Stories

Facebook: Videos & curated content

Twitter: News, blog posts, and GIFs


Videos & Live Videos

Your aim with Facebook should be to make your brand identity and engage with your followers, target audience. With the help of videos, you get the highest reach as they help you to stay connected with your audience in-person. Live videos on Facebook have a high reach, as suggested by many digital marketing services in Gurgaon.


High-Resolution Pictures

Instagram is the only place to share high-resolution, captivating, and engaging pictures. It helps the customers to learn your brand through your quality pictures.


The #quotes are one of the trending hashtags on Instagram with 64.8 million posts. 


Don’t you think that Instagram stories are fun? Though they disappear within 24 hours, but the quality and platform to the content they offer is fantastic.



The best way to keep yourself updated with the news is Twitter. The trending news is just a click away from you if you are a Twitter account holder.

Blog posts & curated content

Twitter is the best platform to earn clicks on your blog posts. Like Facebook, Twitter also has a number of active users who are ready to go through your ideas and work.


This is the first platform to make GIFs popular. If you have a relevant GIF to link with your blog post, post it.

There we go! We hope the idea by Conceptualise, the best digital marketing company in delhi in Gurgaon, has helped you a lot to make a clear understanding concerning the different platforms. Reach us for more!