How to Rank You Blog in 5 Simple Steps!

Driving organic users to your blog is the key function that needs to be done right to grow your blog. For any blog to grow against their competitors you need a good amount of organic traffic and good quality of SEO. This can be done by the blogger himself or by a good professional SEO‌ service providers in your area. For finding good SEO services in Delhi you can hit the contact us option and get started with us in a snap.

For now, let’s see the 5 steps that you can implement in your blog and increase the organic traffic.

  1. SEO Friendly blog design

While many people ignore the structure of the website, it actually plays a vital role in ranking their site on the Google Ad search. Designing a good structure for your blog can be broken down into these simple steps:

Keeping the content above everything else is something we recommend doing, while many of the people say that most of the viewers are used to scrolling till the bottom but as one of the top SEO agency in Delhi, we recommend keeping the content above most of the other things since it leaves a good impression on the people and increases their chances of returning to your site. Let’s say for example you are writing a blog which is a compilation of ‘SEO company in Delhi’ where you have made a list of SEO experts in Delhi, you would want to present the list on the top of your website rather than keeping it below it and your visitor has to scroll all the way to bottom for several minutes. This may cause an increase in your bounce rate as well!

  1. Keep the number of back-links less than 100

You should know that you need to keep the number of backlinks on your website lesser than 100, well if you are wondering why 100? the answer is that it is the maximum amount of memory google provides for indexing a website. So if you insert 150 backlinks for your blog post about SEO company in Delhi where you refer so many of them and other related articles your blog might never show up in the search results and might mark you as a spammer as well. Create hub pages: This can be helpful where you divide your articles based on different categories. Say if you are teaching about something you can divide it as beginner, intermediate, and expert.

  1. Optimize your Blog Posts

Optimizing your blog post is one of the things that actually enhance the organic search result a lot, it helps determine that you are creating content for your audience and it is useful for them as well. Let us understand this one with an example if you are making a blog post for compiling the list and helping people find SEO Expert in Delhi, here you want a good title to it you can give a title to it as ‘Best SEO Experts in Delhi’ or ‘SEO Agency in Delhi’ both of these are pretty good and will do the job for you. After this rather than linking it to wrong keywords, you can use relevant keywords and that will help in a better ranking like, ‘SEO company in Delhi’ or ‘SEO in Delhi.’ Spamming with random keywords will not help you rank higher.

  1. URL Structuring

URL structuring helps in determining what your blog post is about more clearly. It is used by a web crawler as well to determine how relevant is your page and about what topic is it about. Let’s study this one from the above example about SEO agency in Delhi as well, so now consider that you have finalized your blog post and it is all ready to be posted while doing it you need to structure the URL something like this: ‘yourdomain/seo-services-in-delhi’ a URL like this clearly helps determine what the website is about and enhances the focus on the topic and helps people what is in it directly.

So we hope that these tips are useful to you and will help you grow your blog in a good and efficient way. If you are looking for professional help in growing your website click the contact us button and you’ll be able to connect with one of the best SEO companies in Delhi, Conceptualise, in no time!