How Important are your Tags for SEO?

SEO is about how you optimize your website content and turn it to grow your website while aiming to increase your revenue. While implementing a full deep SEO‌ strategy wouldn’t be something easy for you till you actually get certified in it there are some small things that you can do to optimize your page as much as you can. Partnering up with a good SEO company is a sort of an investment rather than an expense and we’d like you to check out our website, Conceptualise, the best SEO company in Gurgaon.

Search engines are becoming smarter and evolving each day to rank your website. They are now making use of various factors like user experience and review and thereby determining the relevance of the webpage for the keyword. It was admittedly seen that tags played a major role in ranking your site since they give information about them, but as of now the topic is quite debatable.

Let us see which are the different tags on your website and check out which are the ones that still have an impact on your page’s ranking.

Title Tags

Title tags provide information about what the page is actually about. It helps us tell the exact content on the page. Well-written optimized titles and higher rankings are the things that are pairing up these days since people have been exploiting the title tags. The crawlers still crawl through the title of the page to check whether the content is relevant to the keyword query. Google no longer needs your title tag to include an exact match keyword to know the topic the page covers.

Meta Description

The meta description is like giving more information about the page to the crawler. Meta description no longer is used to rank your site in the search tab. The meta description can be used in another way in the sense that you can invite your users to open the webpage and tell them what is the content that they will find over there. Example: “This page contains a list of SEO companies in Gurugram.”

Heading Tags

These are useful for identifying the headings and subheading in your paragraph and give a clear idea about the page to the crawlers. While The Best Digital Marketing company in Gurugram makes the perfect title for h1, you need to decide good headings for h2, h3, and h4 tags as well.

Image alt Attributes

The alt attribute is displayed when the user cannot open the image for some reason. It is quite evident that images do help in ranking the website and the alt tag, therefore, describes what image is there on the page. So if you are thinking to upload a picture of the best SEO company in delhi, including this as the alt tag would be quite helpful as well!


Here is what you should do now, give each page a unique title that should be long enough to clarify what the page is about. Give each page a unique meta description in brief. Don’t abuse the tags and the keywords in them. If you would like some additional help in ranking your page in the google’s search ranking and want to know the secret sauce, click the contact us button now and connect with us instantly!