The 4P’s of Digital Marketing


In this digital world, getting high ranks on the search engines is a must for businesses. In the race of getting your website ranked on the first page, performing the right Search Engine Optimisation or SEO services is a must. The search engines want to display highly relevant results to its users. User engagement and their satisfaction are on high priority for them.  A good SEO process helps in providing the relevant information to the users along with improving the rankings of the website and driving in more traffic.

With so much importance being given to SEO, it has now become a primary marketing tool. Here are the 4Ps of SEO according to Marcus Miller that will help in improving your marketing.

The right product in the right place, at the right price, at the right time is the essence of marketing.  The right SEO process manages to the right things by default.  When a user searches at the right time in the right place, all we have to do is to ensure that the product and the price are right as well. The 4 Ps of marketing helps us here by focusing on these four key areas:

  • Product/ Services

Identifying who your customers are and what their goals will help you plan your SEO process efficiently. Understanding your customer’s needs and requirements is fundamental to your pricing and promotion of your product (or service). The primary foundation of your marketing approach is laid on the products and services.

  • Price

Pricing right is again important. Being too expensive and too cheap, both have pros and cons. Where a lower price will typically generate more sales, a higher price will generate more profits. This is where you have to decide your strategy and processes so that you deliver the service while making a profit.

  • Place

Identifying places where the customers will look for your product is extremely necessary so that you generate businesses. Acknowledge whether your business includes only online channels or it’s a marketing mix of both online and offline marketing channels. For many services, different people will buy in various ways and it essential to determine where your customers are and where you need to be to sell to them.

  • Promotion

Where will you get your marketing messages in front of your prospective customers? Search engines? Search ads? Social networks? Online banner advertisements? Any other? This is a major question that you need to ask before you start your marketing process.  You should also be aware of what your competitors are doing. You will have to figure out how you want to do your marketing, lead generation, and sales so that it works together.

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