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Search Engine Optimization

SEO services in Gurgaon are limited to a few good companies, unless you would like to believe everyone who came across as someone selling an SEO package in Gurgaon. It takes strategy; patience and time to get your SEO process on track for it to be able to start showing results. Search Engine Optimization, as a process is a tricky one for someone not keeping an eye out for updates in search engine algorithms. Google has its own way of bringing up search results that it finds relevant to the search query posted by a visitor. The whole process takes careful planning to be able to showcase to Google that your website is worth ranking for the search in terms of a particular keyword or phrase or say a question.

So what does the SEO process entail?

Creating profiles and pages

Content marketing on social media

Careful analysis of your website to check structure links, coding errors

Checking Titles and descriptions of pages, if they are present and relevant

Analyzing content for keywords that are being targeted for on the page

The site structure and clarity of information is vital to search engines.

Placement of images with tags needs to be ensured

Spell and grammar checks are a good way to ensure quality content

Lack of stuff like Flash which is not search engine friendly needs to be analyzed

Checking if your website is mobile friendly

Checking good and bad links brining link juice to your website

Bringing you votes of confidence via back linking

Quality content to be added on each page

Call to action forms and buttons ensure better results and conversions for visitors

The above is part of On-Page and Off-Page strategy of SEO, which helps bring your website up in rankings for search queries of the selected keywords that relate to your service or business. SEO requires constant attention and monitoring of website besides creating quality links that helps you climb up to the first page of Google.

At Conceptualise, SEO is not a stand-alone process or package and we generally combine it with:

We often include a video to help you get more visitors. Videos have better conversion rates and engagement with visitors. This could be an explainer video – in the form of whiteboard or animated video.

We include content to be developed for your website or changes if any required. Content updates are one among the most important parts of SEO. Be it blogs or web content, or articles and Press Releases, we do it all.

Social Media Optimization is another feature we love to rank you. This provides an interesting platform and connects millions of people, so you are never in dearth of potential customers. Be it Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest or Google Plus and YouTube, the world loves Social Media, as we literally live online today.

Web designs and updates are completed on a regular basis to ensure you are in sync with the modern times and portray a positive impression to your visitors.


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