You can get your photograph printed on SBI ATM cards now, know how and where?


If you want your photograph on your debit card, it is now possible in just 5 minutes! This new service has been launched by India’s biggest bank, State Bank of India. For availing this feature, what you need to do is to open an account in sbiINTOUCH branch of SBI. There are almost 257 branches in more than 143 districts across the country. You will get various high-tech facilities after getting such an account here. Almost all your bank needs will be done here without standing in a queue. You get to open an account within minutes by using ‘AOK’ kiosk in these branches. There will be cash deposit machine (CDM) and an electronic cheque deposit machine (EDMC) as well. Here you will have a DCPK kiosk too at the same time which lets you get a debit card with your photograph within 5 minutes.

For getting further more information about these branches of SBI, you can reach them on official State Bank of India website. SBI wants to create a ‘Phygital’ marketplace within its futuristic branches and to offer customers banking through self-service kiosks and services of other SBI subsidiaries such as Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Credit Cards, and online trading through SBI Cap Securities. These branches are equipped with passport printer (SWAYAM) having 24*7 availability.

Customers are required to bring only aadhar card for verification purposes to sbiINTOUCH Branches and get their personalized photo debit cards. This facility can also be used in case SBI customers have lost their cards or want a new one irrespective of older card.

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